Statement by Mr. Saad Ahmad Warraich, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations in the Sixth Committee on Agenda Item 78: “Criminal Accountability of United Nations Officials and Experts on Mission” (10 October 2019)

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation aligns itself with the statement delivered by the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We thank the Secretary General for his two reports, A/74/142 and A/74/145 alongside its annexures.

Mr. Chairman,

The issue of criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on mission is fundamental, both as an imperative of justice as well as to maintain integrity and credibility of the UN, as an organization.

The sense of urgency that we see on the subject is therefore, apt and timely. Under no circumstances can the protectors of the vulnerable be allowed to become their abusers. This would be a travesty of justice, morality and above all, of the sacred covenant that UN officials and experts on mission undertake towards protecting the vulnerable.

Yet, Mr. Chairman, our collective commitment is constrained by a number of factors:

Mr. Chairman,

Pakistan fully subscribes to the UN’s zero tolerance policy for crimes committed by UN officials and experts on Mission. Our personnel have always displayed the highest standards of professionalism and conduct. We remain committed to enforce strict discipline, in any cases of reported misconduct.

Pakistan was among the first batch of countries to sign the UN’s voluntary compact on preventing and addressing sexual exploitation and abuse. Prime Minister Imran Khan is also a member of the circle of leadership against sexual exploitation and abuse.

We affirm the importance of pre-deployment training of UN officials and experts on Mission. We have developed training modules that form part of the curricula for mandatory courses in respect for human rights and protection of civilians. These efforts are in sync with the UN’s own initiatives to strengthen conduct and discipline across all entities of the Secretariat. We stand ready to share our experience with the Secretariat and the wider membership.

Mr. Chairman,

International cooperation remains at the heart of achieving greater transparency and accountability in the work of the United Nations.

Our efforts should nonetheless, be guided by the abiding recognition that actions of a few cannot be allowed to soil the contribution of so many, who continue to serve their roles with selfless devotion and commitment.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.