Statement by Mr. Muhammad Rafiuddin Shah, Counsellor The Fourteenth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee established by the General Assembly Resolution 51/210, (12 April 2010)

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation aligns itself with the statements made by the distinguished representatives of Syria and Iran on behalf of the OIC Group and the Non-Aligned Movement, respectively. We have few brief comments in our national capacity.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your untiring efforts, Mr. Chairman (Ambassador Rohan Perera) and those of the Coordinator, Ms. Maria Telalian, aimed at finding an early solution of the long outstanding issues of the draft Counter-Terrorism Convention.

Mr. Chairman,

Pakistan unequivocally rejects terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomsoever, wherever, and for whatsoever purpose.

We are also of the view that the international community’s fight against terrorism is an intricate challenge. No single solution could help address this challenge. Only a comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorists will succeed.

The denial of reality about the causes of this menace also needs to be overcome. The fixation on one-dimensional approach to fight terrorism, either through operational measures or through political measures alone, needs to be reconciled.

We would further like to underscore that terrorism is a common threat to international community and it could only be defeated through our collective endeavours.

Mr. Chairman,

The representatives of the OIC Group and the Non-Aligned Movement in their statements have underscored the need for conclusion of the draft Convention through consensus. We fully subscribe to that point of view and support early conclusion of the draft Convention.

The General Assembly has already concluded important counter-terrorism conventions. We value consensus adoption of the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Strategy and establishment of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force. The Assembly’s track record in the counter-terrorism domain is good. We are of the view that the adoption of the draft Comprehensive Convention will add prestige to the Assembly’s existing achievements.

Mr. Chairman,

It is unfortunate that so far no major group has been able to endorse the latest proposal on Article 18 of the draft Convention though it was presented almost three years ago. Some have even expressed their reservations. This state of affairs is indicative of the fact that we are facing real challenges. The magnitude of the problem should not deter us from finding solution of the difficult outstanding issues.

To break this logjam Pakistan delegation in its 6 October 2009 statement had raised five questions. That statement is available on the Pakistan Mission’s official website. We had taken the risk of tabling those questions to initiate thorough debate on the existing difficulties. We received a piecemeal response. We wanted to support the process and promote real negotiations as the need for broader approach to the problems was being felt acutely. The need for a broader approach to the problem remains valid even today.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.