Second Committee Speeches & Interventions

Statement by Mr. Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Minister, Pakistan Mission to the United Nations, on Agenda Item 90: “Training and Research” at the Second Committee of the 57th session of the General Assembly (7 November 2002)

Mr. Chairman,

We wish to thank the Secretary General and the heads of the UN training institutions for their useful and informative reports under this agenda item. However, we must express our concern at the late issuance of these reports.

2 Pakistan delegation would like to associate itself with the statement made by the distinguished representative of Venezuela on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. Chairman,

3. Training and research are of central importance in the success of any organization. No entity or organization can realize its full potential without skilled, well-trained, and dedicated human resource. Accordingly, Pakistan attaches high importance to the promotion of training and research at all levels in the United Nations. Such activities are of immense value not only to the Organization but also to the Member States, particularly, the developing countries.

4. We greatly value the significant contribution being made by the United Nations Staff College project, the United Nations University, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), to the goal of human resource development. While the UN Staff College meets the learning and knowledge sharing needs of the staff of the UN system, the UN University, through its research documents, is providing intellectual inputs into the work of the United Nations.

5. As for UNITAR, this institution has increasingly become a useful and lead-forum in providing training services to Member States of the United Nations. We all have benefited from many a focused and interactive courses offered by the UNITAR to the members of the delegations accredited to the UN. These training activities have enhanced the capacity of Member States to effectively participate in the intergovernmental parleys. We commend the UNITAR’s dedicated staff and the leadership provided by its Board of Trustees.

6. We are heartened to learn from the report of the Secretary General on the activities of the UNITAR, that in past two years, the Institute conducted over 225 different programmes, seminars and workshops, attended by 11,500 participants. We note with satisfaction that in compliance with resolution 56/208, the UNITAR has strengthened its network of partnerships. It has effectively reached out to academic and training centers in industrialized and developing countries and increased collaboration with departments and funds and programmes of the United Nations. We are encouraged to see that the UNITAR is also playing its part in promoting the goals of Millennium Declaration. The training programmes conducted by the UNITAR in international affairs, multilateral diplomacy, negotiations, and economic and social development have been of great use and relevance to the recipient countries.

7. Despite this impressive track record of the Institute, we regret to note that we have not been able to contribute to the strengthening of the financial situation of the UNITAR. It is particularly disturbing to see that while the UNITAR continues to provide free training facilities to Member States, the UN is not ready to provide the Institute with a rent-free space.

Mr. Chairman,

8. In resolution 56/208, the General Assembly had requested the Secretary General to clarify why the UNITAR did not benefit from rental rates and maintenance costs, similar to those enjoyed by other organizations affiliated with the United Nations. We note the financial implications spelled out in the report A/57/479 should the General Assembly decide to provide rent and maintenance free space to the UNITAR. However, the report does not seem to adequately answer the main questions raised by the General Assembly. Four similar institutes receive a subvention from the UN regular budget, while two others enjoy a waiver of rental and maintenance costs. The UNITAR, regrettably, benefits from none of these administrative services.

9. We would reiterate that it is time to recognize the laudable services being rendered by the UNITAR to the Member States. We hope that during this session, the General Assembly would send a clear signal that the Institute be provided with office space by the United Nations on a rent-and maintenance-free basis.

10. Finally, we urge that the important role played by all training institutions of the United Nations, particularly the UNITAR, should be acknowledged and strengthened through provision of adequate resources to enable them to fulfill their mandates in the most effective manner.

.I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

* * *