Statement by Pakistan during the Special Solemn Meeting of the General Assembly to commemorate victims of the Second World War (December 01 2020)

Mr. President,

We thank you for convening this special solemn meeting of the General Assembly.

We also thank the Russian Federation for the General Assembly Resolution A/75/5. Pakistan was happy to co-sponsorthe resolution.

Mr. President,

The Second World War was the most destructive war in human history. As fascist ideologies based on atavistic notions of ‘racial’ superiority sought to impose their totalitarian outlook across the globe, millions of lives were lost to this unsatiated ambition for hegemony and global domination.

From the verdant battlefields of East Asia to the vast desert expanses of the Middle East and Africa, the people of the subcontinent including from areas constituting Pakistan – though under the colonial yolk – scripted a tale of unmatched heroism and valour in this struggle.

As we pay homage to the sacrifice of the victims, we must also reflect on the lessons of the Second World War.

We are, unfortunately, witnessing a global resurgence of fascist ideologies, hate speech, xenophobia, Islamophobia, incitement to violence and acts of brutal violence. These trends have been exacerbated,rather than ameliorated, by the Covid-19 pandemic- the most serious global crisis since the founding of the United Nations.


Grave crimes against humanity wasthe tragic legacy of the Second World War. We should not repeat the same mistake by turning a blind eye to contemporary and emerging threats.

Only then can we fulfill the Charter’s abiding ideal of saving succeeding generations from the ‘scourge of war’ and to promote social progress and better standards of life ‘in larger freedom’.

I thank you.