Statement by Mr. Masood Anwar, Minister (Press) Pakistan Mission to the United Nations
(2nd May 2018)

Mr. Chairman,

We welcome Ms. Alison Smale as the Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications and thank her for a comprehensive report, and for updating us on the Department’s activities.

Pakistan aligns itself with the statement made by the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. Chairman,

We note with appreciation the overall increase in the viewership and readership of all DPI products in the traditional and social media. We hope that DPI will continue to make the best use of the new communication tools to spread their message and ensure that people across the world are kept informed about UN’s activities and challenges.

What we do here often remains unknown. Lack of information in the Age of Information is an oxymoron and that needs to be corrected.

DPI’s digital campaign‘Service and Sacrifice’, which honours the engagement of troop-and police-contributing countries to United Nations peace operations is indeed appreciable.

Pakistan also appreciates DPI’s efforts in arranging coverage of events related to the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Mr. Chairman,

Large movement of refugees and migrants trying to escape conflict and strife has rightly engaged the attention and elicited the deep concern of the international community. While it is important to keep highlighting this issue, we should also not forget situations of protracted refugee presence, situations where refugees, in their millions, remain displaced for decades.

Pakistan has been a host to millions of Afghan refugees for over four decades. With little international support we have hosted them with open arms. But we do urge DPI to also focus on protracted refugee situations in the events they organize.

Mr. Chairman,

The UN Information Centers around the world are performing an important task of disseminating information about the UN and it is essential that they expand their outreach beyond the big cities.

Pakistan appreciates DPI for inviting my compatriot and the UN Messenger of Peace, Malala Yousafzai during a high-level debate of the General Assembly, in a moderated discussion, at the launch of the European Union-United Nations Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls.

Mr. Chairman,

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about the cultural renaissance in music, art and film that is taking place throughout Pakistan. Young and talented artists are drawing inspiration from the rich culture and history of Pakistan. They are breaking stereotypes and are venturing to present the real Pakistan. A Pakistan resonating with modernity, vibrant due to its rich cultural ethos and mesmerizing because of its ancient civilizational roots. We have tried to showcase a flavor and a glimpse of that Pakistan at the UN as well through organizing various cultural events. We appreciate the support of DPI during these events.

Mr. Chairman,

Peacekeeping is the UN’s flagship enterprise and Pakistan is one of the top troop contributors to UN Peacekeeping Operations. To share our experience and promote best practices in peacekeeping, we have established a UN Peacekeeping Training Institute in Pakistan, offering specially focused programs focusing inter alia on protection of civilians, specially women and children.

We are working with our colleagues at the UN, through the Group of Troop and Police Contributing Countries, to participate in norm building discussions, including on reform of this key enterprise of the UN.

DPI is urged to augment its efforts to project the UN’s role and contributions to the maintenance of international peace and security through peacekeeping.

Mr. Chairman,

The world we live today is marred by conflict and strife. While we maintain unity in fighting terrorism and extremism, countering the narrative of these twisted ideologies is imperative.

The Department of Public Information, we believe, can play an important role in defusing tensions and promoting interfaith harmony.

Pakistan therefore urges DPI to develop programs and social media campaigns at regional and international levels, involving journalists, civil society and academia to foster interfaith harmony, with the objective of promoting peace and stability around the world.

Mr. Chairman,

Pakistan appreciates the Department’s role in raising awareness on issues of peace and security, human rights and sustainable development. Human rights violations, in particular, are a matter of serious concern to the international community.

We urge the DPI to highlight situations where grave violations of human rights are taking place, especially against the Rohingyas, the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the Palestinians.

Pakistan reiterates its support to the Department of Public Information and assures you of our full cooperation in the accomplishment of the Committee’s work.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.