Statement by Mr. Ahmed Farooq, Pakistan Delegate in the Special Political and Decolonization (4th) Committee on “Effects of Atomic Radiation”

I thank you Mr. Chairman for giving me the floor.

  1. On behalf of Pakistan’s delegation, I also thank the Chairman of the Committee for his informative briefing. Pakistan greatly values the work of UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR). We find the work to be independent and highly professional. We have noted the overview of the Committee’s activities for year 2008-9, mentioned in the Document no. A/64/223. Pakistan aligns itself with wider objectives of the Committee and intends a productive partnership in this regard.
  2. We also take this opportunity to thank the delegation of Canada for coordinating and introducing the draft resolution. The document is a balanced and objective reflection of the issues related to the Scientific Committee’s work. Pakistan is pleased to co-sponsor this draft resolution.
  3. We believe that scope of work of the Committee is only going to increase, as diverse scientific frontiers are explored everyday, on application of radiations in our daily lives. The promotion of wider knowledge of the levels of ionizing radiation and their effects on human beings and environment, therefore, becomes an important and noble task.
  4. To accomplish this challenging task, the professional work of the UNSCEAR will require expertise of current and future member states. From the professional perspective, vast expertise available around the world is there to be tapped to further enhance and enrich the work of the Scientific Committee. It is in this context that we attach special importance to issue of Committee’s membership. Pakistan looks forward to become member of the Committee, on merit of our capacity and professional expertise in relevant disciplines --- both at personnel and organizational levels. We are committed to contribute positively to the work of the Committee and are confident that our presence will be a source of value addition in terms of its activities.
  5. In view of the important mandate of the Scientific Committee, it is imperative that adequate resources are provided to it. We are happy to learn that the problem of staffing of the professional secretariat has been resolved. The Secretary General’s report no. A/63/478 dated 13 October 2008 had identified the extra amount to cater for increased membership. We hope that neither the Committee’s mandate nor the question of expansion of its membership, on which the General Assembly had taken a principled decision, should be affected by financial issues, especially when the amount in question is not constraining the overall budgetary allocations of the UN.
  6. With regard to future membership, we are confident that the Committee, in consultations with its observers will formulate the workable criteria within the timeframe of the 64th General Assembly. Ideas to restrict the Committee membership at present levels, in our view, are not consistent with the principled decision of the General Assembly on the subject.
  7. Pakistan hopes our draft resolution will be approved by consensus. This will be a strong signal of the Members States’ confidence on the Committee’s work and its future direction.

Thank you.