4th Committee-Draft Resolution VI (A/63/23, Chapter XII)

General Statement

Mr. Chairman,

This important resolution has traditionally been approved by consensus. Addition of new language in paragraph 2 of part A of this year’s draft resolution has unfortunately jeopardized this consensus. Notwithstanding some procedural clarification that has been provided which we appreciate, we regret that the implications of this new language have not been adequately explained, and opinions and positions are divided. In our view, this divisiveness could have been avoided, by finding a way of reverting back to the agreed language of previous years. We still hope that we can retrieve that consensus. If more time can facilitate such consensus, we can go along with that request.


20 October 2008

EOV before the Vote on the Draft Resolution – VII (A/63/23, Chapter XII)

Mr. Chairman,

Pakistan has supported all efforts for decolonization and implementation of the international commitments and obligations in this regard. It has always endeavoured to maintain unity and consensus on this issue in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee. This year, unfortunately, the consensus on this draft resolution was at the risk of being jeopardized because of the introduction of new language in OP-2 of part-A of the draft resolution. Pakistan could not endorse that new language. The new language would have qualified and limited the application of the principle of self-determination. Since the principle of self-determination is a jus-cogens and is enshrined in the United Nations Charter, any deviation from this principle would have been a violation of the United Nations Charter.

We are therefore pleased that the proposed amendment in L.6 has been approved and the consensus language of the previous years has been restored. Acceptance of the amendment and resolution of this controversy, will no doubt increase the support of this house to the entire resolution. In that context we support your proposal for consensus adoption of the draft resolution. Pakistan will support the consensus. We will continue to support the work of the C-24. We continue to steadfastly support the inalienable right of peoples to self-determination.