Pakistan's Candidate re-elected in Committee on Contributions at the UN

Re-election "an endorsement of Pakistan's active engagement within the United Nations system: Ambassador Munir Akram

New York, 09 November 2021

Pakistan's candidate for the Committee on the Contributions (CoC), Syed Yawar Ali is re-elected today to the 18-member United Nations Committee on Contributions in an election held in the Fifth (Budgetary) Committee of the General Assembly. Delegates recommended by acclamation the appointment or reappointment of six people for three-year terms starting 1 January 2022.

Ambassador Munir Akram congratulated on re-election in Committee on Contributions, saying:

"I congratulate Syed Yawar Ali, an accomplished businessman on his re-election to the prestigious United Nations Committee on Contributions representing Pakistan in the UN.

"His re-appointment is an endorsement of Pakistan's pro-active role and engagement within the United Nations system": said the Ambassador.

"Through his presence on the Committee, Pakistan will help to ensure a fair scale of assessment for apportionment and budget planning of the United Nations," he said further.

Syed Yawar Ali has an illustrious career of 41 years in Global Business and an excellent understanding of the United Nations System. He brings a global economic & business perspective to the Committee on Contributions. Mr. Ali has vast experience in budgetary and monetary affairs. He has been a member of the Committee on Contributions since 2012 AND 2015[1].

Apart from Pakistan, candidates from Botswana, Croatia, Ukraine, Japan, and the United States of America were also elected as members of the Committee on Contributions.

The United Nations Committee on Contributions is a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly that is responsible for advising the Assembly on the apportionment of UN expenses among member states.

Syed Yawar Ali will serve for another three years term on the Committee from 2022-2024.