Statement attributable to spokesperson of the Pakistan Mission

Following is in response to the adoption of UNSC resolution on Afghanistan yesterday

New York, 31 August 2021

Pakistan is working closely with the regional countries as well as members of the international community for achieving lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. We have been calling on the international community to stay engaged with all relevant parties and to respond to the current situation in a careful and a calibrated manner, taking into account the prevailing ground realities in Afghanistan.

We believe that continued constructive engagement of the international community is vital towards ensuring the success of ongoing efforts for achieving an inclusive political set-up; seeking continued cooperation in the process of evacuation; as well as addressing the human rights and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

The initial draft of the UNSC draft resolution did not enjoy consensus. Both in Islamabad as well as through the Permanent Representative in New York, Pakistan closely engaged with the members of the Security Council in making the text more balanced and constructive.

On its part, Pakistan remains at the forefront of supporting efforts to promote an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan, and is working closely with the regional countries, including through the Extended Troika format on Afghanistan that includes Pakistan, China, Russia and the US.

We are also extending complete support in safe evacuations from Afghanistan. So far over 10,000 nationals and staff of foreign embassies, United Nations and other international organizations as well as media personnel have been safely evacuated with our help, and thousands of more are expected to transit through Pakistan.

In addition, Pakistan is providing all possible support to the United Nations and other international agencies to address the prevailing humanitarian situation in Afghanistan by serving a humanitarian air bridge for provision of essential supplies, including vital medical supplies. Earlier today, first PIA Cargo flight with WHO medical supplies reached from Islamabad to Mazar Sharif as part of this initiative.

Pakistan strongly condemned the heinous terrorist attack at the Kabul airport on 26 August and has been calling for the elimination of all terrorist groups from the Afghan soil including TTP, Al-Qaeda, ETIM, ISIL-K and IMU. A coordinated approach is needed to address the threat posed by these terrorist organizations. Terrorist organizations such as TTP carried out hundreds of cross-border attacks against Pakistan with the sponsorship of hostile intelligence agencies during the last year alone. The latest attack carried out of the TTP on 29 August is yet another manifestation of the continued threat posed by the terrorist group.

Being a host to approximately 4 million Afghan refugees, Pakistan hopes that the international community will fulfil the call of the UNSC to provide humanitarian assistance to major Afghan refugee-hosting countries.

We hope that the international community will continue to play a constructive role in addressing the situation in Afghanistan and prevent the spoilers from disrupting prospects for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.