Foreign Minister attends the Ministerial meeting of the Uniting for Consensus on
Security Council reform

New York, 26 September, 2018

On the sidelines of the 73rd UNGA, the Ministerial meeting of the Uniting for Consensus (UfC) on Security Council reform was held at the Italian Mission, today. The meeting has served as a useful opportunity for an annual high-level review of the reform process, and to chart a progressive way forward.

Speaking on the occasion, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi underscored that a more democratic, representative, accountable, transparent and effective Security Council remains the cornerstone of any comprehensive reform process. Given its strategic importance for member states, it was imperative that all views and perspectives must be taken on board. An inclusive and transparent process within the framework of Intergovernmental Negotiations (IGN) is essential to this end. Anything less would be counter-productive, for the membership knows all too well that any divisive or non-consensual approaches with a view to artificially pace the process have only served to accentuate existing differences instead of bridging gaps in respective positions.

Taking note of the principled position of the UfC for a more representative and democratic Security Council, the Foreign Minister said that only a solution that calibrates interests of all member states – small, medium and large, would be able to garner the widest support of the membership. This has remained the loadstar of UfC’s active engagement with the reform process and will continue to guide us going forward.

Expressing satisfaction at the constructive role played by the UfC during the 72nd session of the General Assembly, the meeting undertook to broaden existing efforts with a view to gain further traction and support.