President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain's message on the Defence Day of Pakistan

Islamabad: September 5, 2015

To me it is the moment of pride and pleasure that today on 6th September 2015 we are observing the Golden Jubilee of a morale boosting event of history when the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the entire Pakistani national not only defended well the frontiers the country, but also thwarted the enemy’s designs with an unprecedented display of unity and courage. The moment of moral and military victory is today our national asset, which shall ever remain in the annals of history as shining example of all generations to come.

I have no doubt in mind that the Pakistan Movement and the country’s coming into being was the result of difficulties in their way at the call of the Quaid, and valiantly waded through the obstacles. The War of 1965 was amongst one such testing times imposed by the enemy in which the fearless sons of soil proved to the adversary, and the world at large, that Pakistan cannot be cowed down on matter how bigger the size of enemy is. The lesion learnt from the 1965 War was clear that unity and oneness, commitment and courage and spirit of sacrifice if combined together can make a nation invincible and its defence impregnable.

The spirit to sacrifice and will to survive has led to making us nuclear nation. The Armed Forces of Pakistan are equipped with the professional preparedness of modern day warfare with traditional courage and commitment. They are successfully braving the challenges and frustrating enemy designs on both internal and external fronts. The Pakistani nation stands united against terrorism, hand in hand with the armed forces, civil and military security, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. In the successful Zarb-e-Azb operation Pakistan Army has proved that any kind of threat posed to country’s security and existence will be frustrated. I salute the jawans and officers who laid their lives in the line of duty, I salute the jawans and officers who got injured during this war against terrorism, most of them permanently crippled. I salute the personnel of police, law enforcement and intelligence agencies who sacrificed their today for our future, I salute the children of Army Public School Peshawar and all the citizens who became victim of terror but never budged.

Al-Hamd-o-Lillah, the successes and gains of Zarb-e-Azb have started giving results. The law and order is relatively better than before. The radius of operation has been extended to urban areas and the law enforcement agencies are working on rooting out not only the menace but sources of terrorism. For that, I congratulate the Armed Forces and the law enforcement agencies. At the same time, I would like reiterate that Pakistan is a peace loving country; it wants peace in the region. However, our desire of peace must not be construed as our weakness. Pakistani nation and its armed forces can go to any extent in securing its borders and safeguarding its sovereignty. The Golden Jubilee Day today is the apt reminder of this unflinching resolve.