Invitation of Bids/Proposals for Medical Insurance of Employees

The Permanent Mission of Pakistan, New York invites bids from reputable Medical Insurance Companies for medical insurance of its employees. The interested firms may submit their bids/proposals directly or through licensed brokers to the Head of Chancery at the address given below by 28th February, 2017 at (1200 hrs) positively. The bidders giving reasonable premium of insurance and medical benefits would be awarded the contract of employee medical insurance. The Pakistan Mission, however, has the right to reject any or all bids without any reason or explanation. For employee census and other information contact:

Mr. Aqeel Nawaz Siddiqui

Permanent Mission of Pakistan, New York

8 East, 65 Street, New York, NY-10065

Ph: 212-879-8600

Fax: 212-744-7348


Posted: 01 February 2017