Intervention by Ambassador Masood Khan, Permanent Representative of Pakistan at the meeting of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (9 July 2014)

Mr. Chairman,

Thank you so much for convening this meeting and the detailed briefings given to us. We welcome the presence of Palestinian Minister Shawki Al-Aisa. And thank you so much for you effective and inspiring leadership of the Committee.

Mr. Chairman,

The situation in the occupied Palestinian territory is precarious and it is deteriorating. We condemn the brazen violence by the occupying authorities and the resultant loss of life, as well as the collective punishment being meted out to the Palestinian people.

Pakistan is deeply concerned at the recent escalation. Israel has intensified its military assaults, including air strikes, against civilians. Death toll in the occupied territories is rising. The fragile situation is further worsening.

We call on the international community to intercede to end this cycle of violence and bring about a cessation of unilateral Israeli strikes that indiscriminately kill Palestinians - men, women and children.?

We support a two-state solution, which paves the way for a viable, geographically contiguous Palestinian state, created on the basis of pre-1967 borders, with Al Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

Violence has erupted because of the failure of the peace process. Talks and a quest for a negotiated settlement therefore must be resumed and pursued in earnest.?

We also call for a speedy and impartial investigation into the brutal killing of the Palestinian youth, the 16 year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir by Israeli zealots. Perpetrators of this heinous crime should immediately be brought to justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The Israeli expansionist wall being constructed deep inside the Occupied Palestinian Territory is illegal, plain and simple. Its construction must be immediately halted and the constructed part dismantled. It violates the Fourth Geneva Convention through (a) annexation of areas of Palestinian land and (b) transfer of a large number of Palestinian civilians. The wall undermines the creation of a viable contiguous Palestinian State and the efforts to find a lasting solution.

Israel must implement UN GA resolution that demands that Israel, the occupying Power, comply with its legal obligations as mentioned in the advisory opinion on the wall.

I thank you.