Independence Day celebrated in New York

Press Release No : 94/2008


NEW YORK, Aug 14 - On a bright sunny day the national flag was hoisted at the Pakistan House to mark the 61st anniversary of the country’s establishment as an independent, sovereign nation here today.

As the national anthem was played, Pakistan ’s UN ambassador Munir Akram raised the flag to the mast before a gathering of officers and staff of the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations and the Consulate General in New York .

The proceedings began with recitation from the Holy Quran.

Messages of President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani were read on the occasion by the Consulate General, Mr. Mohsin Razi.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Ambassador Munir Akram said “ Pakistan is at the cross roads, we have had to face many challenges, the decisions we make today will impact our future”.

“ Pakistan is an Islamic country and can never compromise on the Kashmir issue which is the unfinished business of the partition. It is a nuclear state, a capacity essential to safeguard its sovereignty and independence”, the Ambassador reaffirmed.

Ambassador Munir Akram expressed confidence that “ Pakistan has considerable potential and natural resources and if all of us work sincerely, we can attain its full potential”.

Ambassador Munir Akram thanked the Officers and Staff of the Mission for working with him with dedication and devotion during the last six years and hoped, that they would continue to do so with the same zeal and fervour in future as well.